MINDS Workshop

A 7-week virtual psychoeducation group for individuals living with MS. For group information or to join, please contact Dr. Jesse Siegel at

Triangle Neuropsychology Services is pleased to announce the start of a group for individuals living with multiple sclerosis. MS Intervention and Development of Skills (MINDS) is a psychoeducational group that is designed to address common cognitive, emotional, physical, and social difficulties associated with MS that affect daily activities. Group members will learn strategies to maximize daily functioning and have the opportunity to discuss their experience living with MS.

Topics covered include attention, memory, processing speed, health behaviors, fatigue, executive functioning, stress, depression, and role changes.
MINDS is best suited for:

  • Individuals living with MS (i.e., not family members).
  • All subtypes (excluding CIS) and time since initial diagnosis are welcome.
  • Individuals generally able to complete daily tasks independently (e.g., making appointments, arranging transportation, etc.).
  • Individuals without a diagnosis of dementia/major neurocognitive disorder.
  • Individuals without active substance overuse and/or acute serious mental illness.

*This program is used with permission from Terry Lee-Wilk, Ph.D. at the Veterans Affairs Maryland Health Care System