Thank you so much for your interest in ADHD/Specialty Testing here at Triangle Neuropsychology Services, PLLC. We value you and the trust that you are extending to us as we work together.

Of note, testing/screening for ADHD, ASD, and other specialty tests are non-covered services for most commercial and private insurance plans with very few, rare exceptions. We understand that this can be frustrating and know that out of pocket testing can get costly, especially when there are multiple appointments involved. We have looked at the need for ADHD/ASD/Specialty testing combined with the concern of paying out of pocket and have developed our own Specialty Clinic as a solution. Our Specialty Clinic is self-pay, but the cost has been reduced. The range of costs varies between $1500.00 – $3000.00 depending on the complexity of each case.

If you are receiving this email, we have either already received a referral for you to have an evaluation, or you requested this information be sent. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment and have not had a referral submitted, please have your treating physician-psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist, primary care etc. fax a referral to the number below with any supporting documentation that you would like to be reviewed prior to your evaluation. You can also self-refer for an evaluation if you are seeking testing on your own. Any notes you may have from a previous visit with other providers are welcomed and will be reviewed prior to your appointment.


We do require a deposit in the amount of $500.00 at the time of scheduling, which will go towards your final balance. We do not bill insurance, however, if you are seeking reimbursement from your health insurance, you can provide them with your paid invoice and see if they will reimburse you for the evaluation. You can use your HSA/FSA card as well. If you cancel your appointment within 72 hours of your appointment time, a cancellation fee of $350.00 will be deducted from your deposit. The remaining balance is due 24 hours prior to your appointment.

**We do offer financing through Care Credit, which allows you to make affordable monthly payments. You can easily apply on our website by clicking the direct link or by scanning the QR code that is attached to this email.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out via email: or