Neuropsychology Notes:

Many disorders affect thinking abilities or neurocognitive functioning. Some of the conditions that might affect memory, attention, or other thinking abilities are:

Forensic Neuropsychological Evaluations are similar to clinical Neuropsychological Evaluations but specifically focused on answering legal questions in context of a civil or criminal case.

They typically include a much larger set of collateral information to integrate with test data. In addition, evaluation services include consulting with attorneys and other referral sources to optimally utilize evaluation information. Typically forensic evaluations require more comprehensive record review as well as assessment of effort or response bias .

Examples of Forensic Neuropsychological Evaluations include:

  • Independent Medical/Neuropsychological Evaluations (IME) providing neuropsychological evaluations and consultations, peer/case reviews, and independent disability examinations (IME)
  • Case reviews and consultation
  • Personal injury evaluations
  • Medical malpractice evaluations
  • Criminal evaluations and consultations

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